The Vanguard of Online Literary Journals

If you aspire to challenge yourself as a writer of short-form fiction and/or poetry, you ought to familiarize yourself with the vanguard of online literary journals.

Listed below are ten top literary journals that publish on the Web. The work they post is available for all to read. You don’t have to buy a print journal or PDF. If you’re serious about taking your work to the next level, you need to read these free publications.

When you read top literary magazines like the ten listed below, you’ll be exposed to the work of some of the most gifted emerging writers and established voices in the literary game. Furthermore, although acceptance rates in all these journals are very low, should you send a piece to one of these journals that matches with their aesthetic and that wins over their editors, it may be just the springboard you need to move forward in your literary career. These journals are all widely read and deeply respected.

Without further ado, here are ten literary journals you need to read:


Word Riot



Bartleby Snopes


Camroc Press Review

Spork Press

Tin House Flash Fridays

SmokeLong Quarterly

By no means is this list comprehensive. Excellent literature can be found in even the deepest corners of the Web, but if you start with just these ten journals you’ll definitely sharpen your understanding of what top-quality literature and poetry can be. Hopefully, through having a greater awareness, you can push yourself towards new literary heights.

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