How To Maximize Your Chances of Getting Published

Here’s a scenario: You just completed a short story or poem. Now it’s time to start sending it out to literary journals, right?

How about this one: You powered through and completed your manuscript. It’s time to hire a literary agent or start sending your manuscript to publishers, right?

I applaud the enthusiasm of most aspiring writers, but please, SLOW DOWN.

There are two things that you must do first, before you can reap the rewards of a job well done:

1. Have your writing carefully edited.

2. Find a few literary magazines or small presses that could be an appropriate fit for your writing.

Sadly, even if you follow these two steps, the odds are that you’ll still face some journals or presses that will pass on your writing. However, if you choose not to follow this advice and submit poorly edited pieces to literary journals and small presses that are wholly inappropriate for your type of work, it’s likely that all you’ll meet with is rejection—and much of it.

Save yourself the stress. Do the right thing. Slow down. Have your piece edited, find a good home for it, and then watch how easy it can be to start building a name for yourself in the literary game.

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