A Letter to a Young Author


Please, whatever you do, never give up.

I know it may seem like all your efforts lead to absolutely nothing, but please don’t give up.

Believe me, I know that it’s hard rolling the boulder up the mountain to get everything going, it may even seem like a Herculean task, but please, don’t give up.

As best as you can, try to get over the initial hurdles, the ennui that keeps you from writing, the hurt feelings from the rejections, the fact that you know just how many other aspiring writers are out there.

And, please, stay calm. I know that it can be incredibly challenging for an aspiring writer to break in. It takes time to get the technique right, it takes time to know where to publish, it takes time to get the respect of other authors.

But please, try not to let your current situation get you down. So many other aspiring writers get discouraged. They could get to where you’re going, but they won’t because they are choosing to give up. You can take their place. You can get your work out there.

So please, don’t get discouraged by all the hurdles along the way. You have work to do, lots of it, to push that boulder up the mountain. It may seem immovable, but it isn’t. Just please stay calm, regroup when you fail, and keep pushing.

You could be great, but the world may never know if you give up…

Announcement: Hey everyone. I want to thank you all for reading The Literary Game. I’m honored by how much support I’ve received since starting this a little over a month ago.

I write a lot about writing here. I hope you’ll want to read a bit of my actual writing. My piece UFO, a work of flash fiction, was just published in Farther Stars Than These. I hope you’ll check it out. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “A Letter to a Young Author”

  1. I remember a creative writing teacher that had all us students write an encouraging letter to ourselves. She had us self address a stamped envelope and then put our letters inside these envelopes. She collected them and told us she’d pop it in the mail at some undisclosed point in the future. I had forgotten all about it, and then nine months later my letter to myself arrived, just when I needed some encouragement the most. I still take the letter out sometimes when I need encouragement. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. J.D., I love the way your teacher operates. It can be tough climbing the mountain. It’s always important to treat yourself well and have a healthy confidence, even through the challenges.

  2. I loved this 🙂 So many people who aren’t writers don’t always understand how difficult it is, and how easy it is to give up. Thanks for being one of the believers out there, I’m glad I caught this 🙂

    1. Amanda, it can be very difficult. I just want every writer to have confidence, even through the struggle. It’s horrible to watch a dream die. It’s so much better to see writers persevere, and reach their dreams!

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