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Honest Book Reviews from The Literary Game

Book Reviews Designed To Help You Reach Your Potential

We get it. There are many places online that provide book reviews. Some of them are free. Others have been around for years and have established platforms.

However, none of these other websites have an explicit focus on helping you become a better writer.

Our book reviews clearly explain what you’re doing well and where you need to improve. They offer detailed suggestions to help you address specific issues related to plotting, character development, description, dialogue, craft, and more.

We do this because it’s our goal to help you reach your potential. Our unbiased reviews are intended to help you improve as a writer in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Why Should I Trust Your Opinion?

All reviews are conducted by Alfonso Colasuonno or his handpicked staff of experienced writers and editors. Alfonso is the co-author of The Book of the Magical Mythical Unicorn, forthcoming from John Hunt Publishing. He has served as Aviation Hall of Famer Pete Zaccagnino’s developmental editor on Relevant. Additionally, he has published his short fiction and poetry widely in many of the most competitive online presses. His background also encompasses experience as a librarian and English teacher.

In short, Alfonso has achieved a significant degree of success as a writer. However, this has come about through years of experience and constant improvement.

Now, Alfonso and his team are ready to give back to other writers through this service.

How Will Your Reviews Help Me?

Our book reviews bring to your attention specific problems that are likely to lead to negative responses from readers, agents, and publishers. Using this information, you can address the problems yourself in subsequent revisions at a much lower cost than hiring a developmental editor.

When you purchase a review from The Literary Game, you will receive a detailed evaluation of no less than 500 words that addresses the specific challenges worthy of your attention. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a 70-point scoresheet that ranks your book on a scale of 1-10 along seven metrics: craft, plotting, dialogue, character development, description, originality, and marketability. This scoresheet allows you to focus your time on the area/s of greatest concern, without needing to tamper with what’s already working.

What If I Need An Editor After Seeing Your Review?

Alfonso would be happy to either work with you as your developmental editor or refer you to another developmental editor equally as skilled.

What Do I Do After I Fix These Issues?

You have two choices: self-publish or seek a traditional publisher. If you need additional help, we offer publishing consultancy services to authors who have previously purchased a book review from us.

How Much Do Your Book Reviews Cost?

Our reviews cost only $50 USD per 10,000 words.

When Will I Receive My Review?

Our reviews will be ready within six weeks of purchase. If you would like an expedited review (within two weeks of purchase), there is an additional $100 charge.

Do You Only Review Novels?

No. We are comfortable reviewing a wide variety of creative writing, including poetry, short fiction, screenplays, plays, and creative nonfiction.

Do You Only Review Published Books?

No. We review published books, completed manuscripts, and works in progress.

Do You Put 5-Star Reviews on Amazon?

Unfortunately, that’s outside the scope of our service.

If I Get A Bad Review, Can I Keep It Private?

Absolutely. Unless you give us explicit permission to publicize your review in part or full, it will never be shared with anyone else.

Which Languages Do You Support?

At present, we only review books written in English.

How Can I Purchase A Review?

Simply fill out the form below and we will respond back to you within 24 hours with detailed instructions.

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