Guerrilla Book Marketing

There is absolutely nothing worse for an author than seeing her book languish in obscurity.

If you want to ensure that your book reaches a large audience while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and excellence, then I want to be a resource for you.

My Process to Guerrilla Market Your Book:

1. I’ll audit your book to determine the online niche/s to which it would most appeal.
2. I’ll scour the Web to find 200 high-traffic blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasters whose audiences would be interested in your book. Our goal is to generate at least 40 interviews, book reviews, blog posts, and guest posts.
3. I’ll execute the exact emails to write to maximize your chances of being booked.
4. I’ll coach you for each interview and write any guest posts for you.

Here’s Why The Process Works:

Let’s use the most conservative estimates of a 2% conversion rate, no viral effect, and an average of 10,000 subscribers.

With 40 placements, you have reached an audience of 400,000 potential readers. Since these are all within your niche, with a 2% conversion rate, you’ve just sold 8,000 books.

Of course, many targeted sources have far more subscribers, viral effects are common, and a 2% conversion rate can easily be surpassed.

Next Steps:

You wrote the book. You should bask in the glory, but glory doesn’t come from your friends writing Amazon reviews for you. Unfortunately, nothing comes from that.

If you want your book to be well-received and read by a large audience, give me a shout. 

Honest Literary Evaluations

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